Undergraduate Student Research

Jennifer Earles. 1999. Assessing Water Quality of Pigeon Creek Using Macroinvertebrates.

Rita Jung. 2002. Bioassessment of Three Restored and Created Wetlands in Southern Indiana.

Joe Pleen. 2004. Analysis of Atrazine and Its Major Metabolites in Southern Indiana Wetlands.

Jonas Schoenherr. 2009. Physiochemical characterization of natural and created wetland soils in Southern Indiana.

Amanda Bellian. 2009. Odonate diversity in wetlands of the Patoka National Wildlife Refuge.
Indiana Academy of Science Poster
Proceedings of the Indiana Acadamy of Science Publication (Due spring 2013)

Kyle Zoll. 2010. Species diversity and density of birds at Vectren Conservaton Park.
MESCON Conference Presentation

Zuzana Kocisova. 2011. Repertoirie size and variation in the song of the Bell's Vireo.
MESCON Conference AND 19th Annual Animal Behavior Conference Poster

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