Research at UE

My research interests are in ecology and natural resource management. I study wetlands, their dynamic nature, the vital functions they provide within the landscape, and the organisms that use wetland resources.

I enjoy involving undergraduates in my research. In recent years I have had students working on using macroinvertebrates to assess water quality, determing atrazine in water and soils, characterizing the physical and chemical nature of wetland soils, and measuring diversity of odonates and birds using wetlands. Our current work involves determining the repretoire size and variation in the song of the Bell's Vireo.

Most of our research work has taken place in various wetlands in southern Indiana including, Wesselman Woods, Howell Wetlands, Lost Hill Wetlands, Heim Road Wetland, Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area, Eagle Slough, Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge and Management Area, and Vectren Conservation Park (VCP).

Wetland Research Sites

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Undergraduate Research Projects

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Bird Lists

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