Pitt Outstanding Laboratory Assistant Award

In 2008 the UE Chemistry Department established an outstanding laboratory assistant award designed to recognize a laboratory assistant for contributions to our department that go beyond normal expectations.

The award is called the Pitt Outstanding Laboratory Assistant Award to honor a recent graduate, Jason Pitt, who worked as an assistant in our department. Jason received this honor as a result of his actions during a bit of an emergency. At the time I was suddenly stricken with intense, sharp pains on my right side. This forced me to leave lab; I ended up in the hospital and eventually had a kidney stone (3mm by 7mm) removed. Without the slightest hesitation, Jason stepped forward and continued the lab in my absence. Other faculty took note, checked on Jason, and let him continue as the lab was running well with his guidance.

Jason set a great example for others and we have been fortunate in our department to have other wonderful assistants that have followed Jason. So, we recognize the efforts of these fine students.

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