American Entomology, the book:
Thomas Say's dedication to William Maclure

Printed here is Thomas Say's dedication of his book, American Entomology:
To WILLIAM MACLURE, President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and of the American Geological Society, Member of the American Philosophical Society, &c. &c., distinguished as a successful cultivator, and munificent patron, of the Natural Sciences, this work is respectfully inscribed, by his much obliged and most obedient servant, THE AUTHOR.
Say's book was edited and republished by John L. Le Conte in 1859; it was largely through this reprinting that Say's work reached other entomologists and established Say's place among naturalists as the father of American entomology.

The frontispiece of American Entomology was drawn by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur. The image of it seen here appears in Le Conte's reprint of Say's famous first American entomology book.

(Each of the three scientists, Maclure, Say, and Lesueur, is the subject of a biographical sketch within the website, New Harmony Scientists, Educators, Writers & Artists.)

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