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φ Designates UE undergraduates

Orians, CM, RS Fritz, CG Hochwender, BR Albrectsen, and ME Czesak.  In press. How slug herbivory of hybrid willows alters chemistry, growth, and susceptibility to diverse plant enemies. Annals of Botany.

Stowe, KA, CG Hochwender, K Fleck φ, N Duvall φ, D Lewkiewicz φ, S Trimble, and S Peters. 2013. Costs of glucosinolates in Brassica rapa: are they context dependent? Open Journal of Ecology 3:185-195.

Wheelwright, NT, JP Sinclair, CG Hochwender, and FJ Janzen. 2012. Leaf size in three generations of a dioecious tropical tree (Ocotea tenera, Lauracae): sexual dimorphism and changes with age. American Journal of Botany 99:1-6.

Hochwender, CG, DH Cha, RS Fritz, ME Czesak, RR Smith, AD Kaufman, B Warren φ, and A Neuman φ. 2012. Protein storage and root:shoot reallocation strategies provide tolerance to damage in a hybrid willow system. Oecologia 169:49-60.

Lachowecki φ, J, CG Hochwender, K Nolting φ, E Maurer φ, and A Aldridge φ. 2011. Evaluating the quality of a disturbed wetland habitat in southwestern Indiana: a survey of native and exotic flora. Proceedings of the Indiana Acadamy of Science 120:18-30.

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browsing damage and plant genetic variation. Ecological Entomology 30:170-175.

Fritz, RS, and CG Hochwender. 2005. Cascading effects of plant genetic variation on herbivore communities. Pp. 177-204 in MDE Fellowes,              
GJ Holloway, and J Rolff, (eds.), Insect Evolutionary Ecology: Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society's 22nd Symposium. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, UK.

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Fritz, RS, CG Hochwender, D Lewkiewicz, S Bothwell, and CM Orians. 2001. Seedling herbivory by slugs in a willow hybrid system: developmental changes in damage, chemical defense, and plant performance. Oecologia 129:87-97.

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Shure, DJ, LA Wilson, and C Hochwender. 1989. Predation on aposematic efts of Notophthalmus viridescens. Journal of Herpetology 23:437-439.

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